As Hyper Converged solutions have gotten more popular across the industry, we have seen several use cases migrate to HCI from traditional SAN based architecture. With its modular and grow-as-per-your-need approach, HCI has made believers out of IT decision makers in several organizations who prefer this new architecture over the older one. One interesting use […]

Druid Installation

Druid is a data store designed for high-performance slice-and-dice analytics (“OLAP“-style) on large data sets. Druid is most often used as a data store for powering GUI analytical applications, or as a backend for highly-concurrent APIs that need fast aggregations. Common application areas for Druid include: Clickstream analytics Network flow analytics Server metrics storage Application […]

Evolution of Modern Education through Virtualization

What does it take to be the best educational institution in the World? Best staff, best infrastructure, best technology, best curriculum and the list continues… In this technology centric world, where innovation plays a determining factor for the success of any educational institution, one requires to make more strategic and cost-effective decisions in terms of […]

If you deploy OpenStack on your own, you are doomed to FAIL !

We are glad to bring you a no-holds barred conversation with one of the founders of EnCloudEn. The company has been making a lot of noise recently by claiming to have solved the OpenStack conundrum on the ideal mode of deployment. As such, we thought it would be best to hear straight from the horse’s […]

Why DIY Vanilla Openstack Deployments Fail in Production?

With the rising popularity of Openstack as a great alternative platform for building clouds; a lot of organizations have been tempted to deploy Openstack in production in a DIY mode. While some large organizations have been successful (by hiring an army of Engineers); most DIY openstack deployments end up either failing completely or coming nowhere […]

Angular – Taking Things Asynchronously

Angular is on the rise. New versions are getting released every six months. This fancy JS framework is taking web development community by storm. After the release of Angular 2 in fall 2016, the one thing that had caught my attention is the way asynchronous data is being handled by Angular. Yes! You guessed it […]

EnCloudEn Pillars

A cloud engine for today’s enterprises, it offers a complete set of tools to deploy, manage, monitor, and orchestrate private cloud-based IT infrastructure. Started five years ago, EnCloudEn stayed on the backburner for its founders until 2015 as they had then chosen to focus on their core IoT startup SmartBuildings. However, Satya Kishore and Abinash […]


For eight years, TechSparks has been the best platform to showcase, meet and connect the leaders of India’s startup ecosystem with those set to create disruption. It is where the pioneers and the legends gather together to work to make the dream of a digitally empowered India a reality Presenting the TECH30 2017 YourStory’s pick of the […]

NetApp Accelerator

US-based data storage and management company NetApp Inc. has selected six Indian startups for its first accelerator programme in the country.The startups are Adya, Enclouden, Lightmetrics, Scalend Technologies, Vaultedge and Vitacloud Digital Health, the company told VCCircle. Deepak Visweswaraiah, senior vice president and managing director at NetApp India, said that there is a huge scope […]