Evolution of Modern Education through Virtualization

What does it take to be the best educational institution in the World? Best staff, best infrastructure, best technology, best curriculum and the list continues…

In this technology centric world, where innovation plays a determining factor for the success of any educational institution, one requires to make more strategic and cost-effective decisions in terms of advancement in technology adoption. This makes it important for educational institutions to manage and maintain resilient IT infrastructure to provide quality education.

How do you enhance your institution’s technology by transforming the traditional high maintenance IT Infrastructure into modern, cost-effective and efficient Infrastructure?

Going virtual is the answer !

 What is VDI ?

A virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) offers users a virtualized version of the desktop interface. Under the traditional deployment model, the desktop operating system is installed on each individual end point device and accessed exclusively from said device. Users interact with the desktop by opening applications, navigating the local network, browse the internet, and anything else a user might do on a computer.

Why is VDI crucial for Modern Education to succeed ?

With a view of delivering unique learning models for students, educational institutions are encouraging digital transformation.

Now the dilemma lies in the hands of the IT team, to address the time and effort required to improve the efficiency of the entire system as well as keeping the budget frame in mind.

VDI to the Rescue…! 

In IT, many of the advancements are about deploying automation and intelligence to prevent the human resources of the IT department from performing manual tasks. Instead of updating every end-point manually, deploy VDI and update the virtual desktops all at once.  Instead of manually wiping the assignments after a test or a student graduates, simply spin up a new virtual desktop. The overall goal is efficiency and conservation of resources, and VDI provides an attractive alternative to the grind.

EnCloudEn VDI  

Keeping the IT requirements of Educational institutes at the centre, EnCloudEn has perfected its workflows to deliver the most effective IT experience. The EnCloudEn solution brings all the silos of IT in the institute under the same private cloud platform; it is then managed centrally using a web based dashboard. The solution in the process resolves most of the challenges faced by the IT in an educational institution today.EnCloudEn delivers the smartest virtual environments. The solution is the perfect combination of private cloud, virtual desktop and the toolset. The core private cloud solution is augmented with tools to self-manage and self-heal the infrastructure; reducing burden on the IT Admins by 80%. A solid Monitoring and Alert framework comes out of the box and it provides live monitoring and reporting. It also has an automated orchestration tool to pre-emptively resolve impending issues.